EICLC proudly utilized the Accelerated Christian Education Program to carry out its visionary goal and missionary objective, even as it provides quality Christian education and Bible-based Character building to future Christ-like leadership in the home, at the church, and the community at large.  The ACE curriculum is used in thousands of Christian schools around the world.  With 40 years experience, ACE has earned a solid reputation in the academic world.

A.C.E. Programs Offered (Kindergarten to 12th Grade)
A.C.E. is a personalized and individualized college preparatory program which is evangelical in its philosophy and spiritual in its perspective.  Students are personally supervised to perform at their own pace to achieve daily study goals.  Mastery of academic content serves as a key to a successful and enriched learning experience.

Character Building Program

Chapel is conducted in the middle of each school week.  It provides the rarest of opportunities for individual students to gain a good understanding of God’s personal love for Him.  The Bible is used as a textbook to the spiritual learning experience, which leads to the formation of biblical traits for a Christ-like life aimed at achieving spiritual wholeness.

Weekly scripture memory work serves as an integral process to sharpen the brain and harness the heart attitude towards what God has created each child to become: a joy to his parents, a loyal and respectable citizen of his or her country, and a gift of gratitude to God.

Music & Theatrics

Piano lessons are made available to interested students at a minimal cost.

Musical drama training for stage performance is required participation.

Student Conventions

Student Conventions (regional and international) are annual planned activities designed for Junior and Senior students to participate in.  It is a great time for students to showcase their respective God-given talents.  Awards Night punctuates the achievements in the student’s chosen event (or events).

Annual School Camp & Educational Field Trips

Both provide a broadening opportunity to attain personal growth and development, to gain enhancement for interpersonal relationships in order to maintain self-esteem at their highest levels of self-respect and self-dignity.

Physical Education

EICLC is committed to training the whole person.  Every student in Grades K-12 participates in the P.E. Program.  A special uniform is required to wear on P.E. Day.  The athletic program of the school is a coordinated effort, which provides opportunities for student engagement.  P.E. Days are Mondays & Fridays of each week.

Parent Teacher Fellowship and Parent Conferences

EICLC strongly believes in a stable and steady ministry relationship.  The regularly scheduled PTF meetings and regular Parent Conferences are aimed to establish and strengthen the partnership between the home and the school in order to usher it to its highest level of trust and transparency.  We work together on reasonable goals for the greatest good of the students.